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Improve documentation for INLINE pragma

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......@@ -6220,16 +6220,9 @@ Assertion failures can be caught, see the documentation for the
key_function :: Int -> String -> (Bool, Double)
{-# INLINE key_function #-}
<para>(You don't need to do the C pre-processor carry-on
unless you're going to stick the code through HBC&mdash;it
doesn't like <literal>INLINE</literal> pragmas.)</para>
<para>The major effect of an <literal>INLINE</literal> pragma
is to declare a function's &ldquo;cost&rdquo; to be very low.
The normal unfolding machinery will then be very keen to
......@@ -6253,6 +6246,16 @@ It's going to be inlined wholesale instead.
All of these effects are aimed at ensuring that what gets inlined is
exactly what you asked for, no more and no less.
<para>GHC ensures that inlining cannot go on forever: every mutually-recursive
group is cut by one or more <emphasis>loop breakers</emphasis> that is never inlined
(see <ulink url="">
Secrets of the GHC inliner, JFP 12(4) July 2002</ulink>).
GHC tries not to select a function with an INLINE pragma as a loop breaker, but
when there is no choice even an INLINE function can be selected, in which case
the INLINE pragma is ignored.
For example, for a self-recursive function, the loop breaker can only be the function
itself, so an INLINE pragma is always ignored.</para>
<para>Syntactically, an <literal>INLINE</literal> pragma for a
function can be put anywhere its type signature could be
......@@ -6265,14 +6268,18 @@ exactly what you asked for, no more and no less.
<literal>UniqueSupply</literal> monad code, we have:</para>
{-# INLINE thenUs #-}
{-# INLINE returnUs #-}
<para>See also the <literal>NOINLINE</literal> pragma (<xref
<para>Note: the HBC compiler doesn't like <literal>INLINE</literal> pragmas,
so if you want your code to be HBC-compatible you'll have to surround
the pragma with C pre-processor directives
<literal>#ifdef __GLASGOW_HASKELL__</literal>...<literal>#endif</literal>.</para>
<sect3 id="noinline-pragma">
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