Commit 9744a9c7 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

remove paragraph about mutable objects that doesn't apply now

parent b3edde6c
......@@ -509,18 +509,6 @@ f (Wibble x y) # ugly, and proud of it
RTS option</primary></indexterm> RTS options (see <xref
<para>This is especially important if your program uses a
lot of mutable arrays of pointers or mutable variables
(i.e. <literal>STArray</literal>,
<literal>IOArray</literal>, <literal>STRef</literal> and
<literal>IORef</literal>, but not <literal>UArray</literal>,
<literal>STUArray</literal> or <literal>IOUArray</literal>).
GHC's garbage collector currently scans these objects on
every collection, so your program won't benefit from
generational GC in the normal way if you use lots of
these. Increasing the heap size to reduce the number of
collections will probably help.</para>
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