Commit 9761a5ec authored by wolfgang's avatar wolfgang
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[project @ 2005-04-07 06:25:54 by wolfgang]

Mac OS X: Work around a subtle bug/strangeness/"feature" in Apple's toolchain
that affects machoInitSymbolsWithoutUnderscore().
(The symbolsWithoutUnderscore symbol must be .globl, otherwise incorrect code
will be generated to refer to it)

This has already been MERGED TO STABLE as part of the previous commit.
parent d79c1cb2
......@@ -3925,7 +3925,7 @@ static void machoInitSymbolsWithoutUnderscore()
extern void* symbolsWithoutUnderscore[];
void **p = symbolsWithoutUnderscore;
__asm__ volatile(".data\n_symbolsWithoutUnderscore:");
__asm__ volatile(".globl _symbolsWithoutUnderscore\\n_symbolsWithoutUnderscore:");
#undef Sym
#define Sym(x) \
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