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OccNames for closure conversion isomorphisms

parent b3e6904f
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ module OccName (
mkDataTOcc, mkDataCOcc, mkDataConWorkerOcc,
mkSuperDictSelOcc, mkLocalOcc, mkMethodOcc, mkInstTyTcOcc,
mkInstTyCoOcc, mkEqPredCoOcc,
mkCloOcc, mkCloTyConOcc, mkCloDataConOcc,
mkCloOcc, mkCloTyConOcc, mkCloDataConOcc, mkCloIsoOcc,
-- ** Deconstruction
occNameFS, occNameString, occNameSpace,
......@@ -462,6 +462,7 @@ mkDataCOcc = mk_simple_deriv varName "$c"
mkCloOcc = mk_simple_deriv varName "$CC_"
mkCloTyConOcc = mk_simple_deriv tcName ":CC_"
mkCloDataConOcc = mk_simple_deriv dataName ":CD_"
mkCloIsoOcc = mk_simple_deriv varName "$CCiso_"
mk_simple_deriv sp px occ = mk_deriv sp px (occNameString occ)
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