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Make arity of INLINE things consistent

We eta-expand things with INLINE pragmas; 
see Note [Eta-expanding INLINE things].

But I eta-expanded it the wrong amount when the function
was overloaded.  Ooops.
parent 75aadeee
......@@ -626,9 +626,16 @@ data InlinePragma -- Note [InlinePragma]
= InlinePragma
{ inl_inline :: Bool -- True <=> INLINE,
-- False <=> no pragma at all, or NOINLINE
, inl_sat :: Maybe Arity -- Just n <=> Inline only when applied to n
-- explicit (non-type, non-dictionary) args
-- That is, inl_sat describes the number of *source-code*
-- arguments the thing must be applied to. We add on the
-- number of implicit, dictionary arguments when making
-- the InlineRule, and don't look at inl_sat further
, inl_act :: Activation -- Says during which phases inlining is allowed
, inl_rule :: RuleMatchInfo -- Should the function be treated like a constructor?
} deriving( Eq, Data, Typeable )
......@@ -261,9 +261,10 @@ makeCorePair gbl_id is_default_method dict_arity rhs
| Just arity <- inlinePragmaSat inline_prag
-- Add an Unfolding for an INLINE (but not for NOINLINE)
-- And eta-expand the RHS; see Note [Eta-expanding INLINE things]
= (gbl_id `setIdUnfolding` mkInlineRule rhs (Just (dict_arity + arity)),
-- NB: The arity in the InlineRule takes account of the dictionaries
etaExpand arity rhs)
, let real_arity = dict_arity + arity
-- NB: The arity in the InlineRule takes account of the dictionaries
= (gbl_id `setIdUnfolding` mkInlineRule rhs (Just real_arity),
etaExpand real_arity rhs)
| otherwise
= (gbl_id `setIdUnfolding` mkInlineRule rhs Nothing, rhs)
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