Commit 9bc4311f authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones Committed by Ben Gamari

Fix SetLevels for makeStaticPtr

This too is prepartory for my early-inlining patch.  It turned
out that early inlining exposed a bug in the way that static
pointers were being floated.

Reviewers: austin, bgamari

Reviewed By: bgamari

Subscribers: thomie

Differential Revision:
parent ff9ff4a8
......@@ -566,12 +566,12 @@ lvlMFE env strict_ctxt ann_expr
-- or if we are wrapping it in one or more value lambdas
= do { expr1 <- lvlFloatRhs abs_vars dest_lvl rhs_env NonRecursive join_arity_maybe ann_expr
-- Treat the expr just like a right-hand side
; var <- newLvlVar expr1 join_arity_maybe
; var <- newLvlVar expr1 join_arity_maybe is_mk_static
; let var2 = annotateBotStr var float_n_lams mb_bot_str
; return (Let (NonRec (TB var2 (FloatMe dest_lvl)) expr1)
(mkVarApps (Var var2) abs_vars)) }
-- OK, so the float has an unlifted type
-- OK, so the float has an unlifted type (not top-level bindable)
-- and no new value lambdas (float_is_new_lam is False)
-- Try for the boxing strategy
-- See Note [Floating MFEs of unlifted type]
......@@ -588,7 +588,7 @@ lvlMFE env strict_ctxt ann_expr
Case expr1 (stayPut l1r ubx_bndr) dc_res_ty
[(DEFAULT, [], mkConApp dc [Var ubx_bndr])]
; var <- newLvlVar float_rhs Nothing
; var <- newLvlVar float_rhs Nothing is_mk_static
; let l1u = incMinorLvlFrom env
use_expr = Case (mkVarApps (Var var) abs_vars)
(stayPut l1u bx_bndr) expr_ty
......@@ -626,9 +626,12 @@ lvlMFE env strict_ctxt ann_expr
join_arity_maybe | need_join = Just (length abs_vars)
| otherwise = Nothing
is_mk_static = isJust (collectMakeStaticArgs expr)
-- Yuk: See Note [Grand plan for static forms] in main/StaticPtrTable
-- A decision to float entails let-binding this thing, and we only do
-- that if we'll escape a value lambda, or will go to the top level.
float_me = saves_work || saves_alloc
float_me = saves_work || saves_alloc || is_mk_static
-- We can save work if we can move a redex outside a value lambda
-- But if float_is_new_lam is True, then the redex is wrapped in a
......@@ -1499,8 +1502,9 @@ newPolyBndrs dest_lvl
newLvlVar :: LevelledExpr -- The RHS of the new binding
-> Maybe JoinArity -- Its join arity, if it is a join point
-> Bool -- True <=> the RHS looks like (makeStatic ...)
-> LvlM Id
newLvlVar lvld_rhs join_arity_maybe
newLvlVar lvld_rhs join_arity_maybe is_mk_static
= do { uniq <- getUniqueM
; return (add_join_info (mk_id uniq rhs_ty))
......@@ -1511,8 +1515,7 @@ newLvlVar lvld_rhs join_arity_maybe
mk_id uniq rhs_ty
-- See Note [Grand plan for static forms] in StaticPtrTable.
| isJust $ collectMakeStaticArgs $ snd $
collectTyBinders de_tagged_rhs
| is_mk_static
= mkExportedVanillaId (mkSystemVarName uniq (mkFastString "static_ptr"))
| otherwise
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