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Improve documentation of RULES

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......@@ -6624,6 +6624,11 @@ Here is an example:
Use the debug flag <option>-ddump-simpl-stats</option> to see what rules fired.
If you need more information, then <option>-ddump-rule-firings</option> shows you
each individual rule firing in detail.
......@@ -6841,35 +6846,30 @@ not be substituted, and the rule would not fire.
In the earlier phases of compilation, GHC inlines <emphasis>nothing
that appears on the LHS of a rule</emphasis>, because once you have substituted
for something you can't match against it (given the simple minded
matching). So if you write the rule
Ordinary inlining happens at the same time as rule rewriting, which may lead to unexpected
results. Consider this (artificial) example
"map/map" forall f,g. map f . map g = map (f.g)
f x = x
{-# RULES "f" f True = False #-}
this <emphasis>won't</emphasis> match the expression <literal>map f (map g xs)</literal>.
It will only match something written with explicit use of ".".
Well, not quite. It <emphasis>will</emphasis> match the expression
g y = f y
wibble f g xs
h z = g True
where <function>wibble</function> is defined:
Since <literal>f</literal>'s right-hand side is small, it is inlined into <literal>g</literal>,
to give
wibble f g = map f . map g
g y = y
because <function>wibble</function> will be inlined (it's small).
Later on in compilation, GHC starts inlining even things on the
LHS of rules, but still leaves the rules enabled. This inlining
policy is controlled by the per-simplification-pass flag <option>-finline-phase</option><emphasis>n</emphasis>.
Now <literal>g</literal> is inlined into <literal>h</literal>, but <literal>f</literal>'s RULE has
no chance to fire.
If instead GHC had first inlined <literal>g</literal> into <literal>h</literal> then there
would have been a better chance that <literal>f</literal>'s RULE might fire.
The way to get predictable behaviour is to use a NOINLINE
pragma on <literal>f</literal>, to ensure
that it is not inlined until its RULEs have had a chance to fire.
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