Commit 9d3bd3dc authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Comments only

parent 646866ff
......@@ -1744,7 +1744,7 @@ Note [Unflatten using funeqs first]
[W] F (G a) ~ G a
do not want to end up with
[W} F Int ~ Int
[W] F Int ~ Int
because that might actually hold! Better to end up with the two above
unsolved constraints. The flat form will be
......@@ -454,11 +454,16 @@ tcInstTyVarX subst tyvar
= do { uniq <- newUnique
; details <- newMetaDetails (TauTv False)
; let name = mkSystemName uniq (getOccName tyvar)
-- See Note [Name of an instantiated type variable]
kind = substTy subst (tyVarKind tyvar)
new_tv = mkTcTyVar name kind details
; return (extendTvSubst subst tyvar (mkTyVarTy new_tv), new_tv) }
{- Note [Name of an instantiated type variable]
At the moment we give a unification variable a System Name, which
influences the way it is tidied; see TypeRep.tidyTyVarBndr.
* *
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