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Track change in isInlinePragma

In TcBinds we want to use isAnyInlinePragma, to get
both INLINE and INLINABLE.  I don't know why this isn't
leading to failures for others!  The (bogus) error I got, 
triggered by this bug was:

    You cannot SPECIALISE `M.findWithDefault'
      because its definition has no INLINE/INLINABLE pragma
parent 5289f5d8
......@@ -575,7 +575,7 @@ tcImpPrags prags
tcImpSpec :: Sig Name -> TcM TcSpecPrag
tcImpSpec prag@(SpecSig (L _ name) _ _)
= do { id <- tcLookupId name
; checkTc (isInlinePragma (idInlinePragma id))
; checkTc (isAnyInlinePragma (idInlinePragma id))
(impSpecErr name)
; tcSpec id prag }
tcImpSpec p = pprPanic "tcImpSpec" (ppr p)
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