Commit 9de82d47 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Remove the -optP-P from .raw-hs generation

We need the #line directives left in, so that Haddock can figure out
what the name of the original source file was called, which is
necessary for generating source links.  You probably now need an
updated Haddock to generate HTML from the libraries, but a release
will be forthcoming shortly.
parent 8c3e6304
......@@ -387,10 +387,10 @@ $(HTML_DOC) : $(HS_PPS)
%.raw-hs : %.lhs
$(HC) $(HC_OPTS) -D__HADDOCK__ -E -optP-P $< -o $@
$(HC) $(HC_OPTS) -D__HADDOCK__ -E $< -o $@
%.raw-hs : %.hs
$(HC) $(HC_OPTS) -D__HADDOCK__ -E -optP-P $< -o $@
$(HC) $(HC_OPTS) -D__HADDOCK__ -E $< -o $@
HTML_INSTALL_DIR = $(datadir)/html/libraries/$(PACKAGE)
# NOT the same as HTML_DIR_INSTALLED when BIN_DIST is on
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