Commit 9e185cc0 authored by's avatar

Remove an out-of-date comment (see #8101)

parent b475be32
......@@ -883,11 +883,6 @@ opt_lc dflags = sOpt_lc (settings dflags)
-- 'HscNothing' can be used to avoid generating any output, however, note
-- that:
-- * This will not run the desugaring step, thus no warnings generated in
-- this step will be output. In particular, this includes warnings related
-- to pattern matching. You can run the desugarer manually using
-- 'GHC.desugarModule'.
-- * If a program uses Template Haskell the typechecker may try to run code
-- from an imported module. This will fail if no code has been generated
-- for this module. You can use 'GHC.needsTemplateHaskell' to detect
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