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Remove GHC.Read.readp

It was marked with "XXX Can this be removed?", so let's remove it and
see if anything breaks.
parent 123ba5ef
......@@ -41,17 +41,13 @@ module GHC.Read
-- Temporary
, readParen
-- XXX Can this be removed?
, readp
import qualified Text.ParserCombinators.ReadP as P
import Text.ParserCombinators.ReadP
( ReadP
, ReadS
( ReadS
, readP_to_S
......@@ -682,9 +678,3 @@ instance (Read a, Read b, Read c, Read d, Read e, Read f, Read g, Read h,
readList = readListDefault
-- XXX Can this be removed?
readp :: Read a => ReadP a
readp = readPrec_to_P readPrec minPrec
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