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Put liftStringName into the known-key names

parent a937c274
......@@ -1655,10 +1655,11 @@ templateHaskellNames :: [Name]
templateHaskellNames = [
returnQName, bindQName, sequenceQName, newNameName, liftName,
mkNameName, mkNameG_vName, mkNameG_dName, mkNameG_tcName, mkNameLName,
-- Lit
charLName, stringLName, integerLName, intPrimLName, wordPrimLName,
floatPrimLName, doublePrimLName, rationalLName,
floatPrimLName, doublePrimLName, rationalLName,
-- Pat
litPName, varPName, tupPName, conPName, tildePName, bangPName, infixPName,
asPName, wildPName, recPName, listPName, sigPName,
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