Commit a10e1990 authored by's avatar

Change which files --make mode thinks are 'Haskellish'

It thought that .cmm files were Haskellish, but then didn't know
how to compile them. Now they aren't treated as Haskellish, and
it can compile and link them.
parent e9775242
......@@ -33,8 +33,7 @@ import Config
import Constants
import HscTypes
import Packages ( dumpPackages )
import DriverPhases ( Phase(..), isSourceFilename, anyHsc,
startPhase, isHaskellSrcFilename )
import DriverPhases
import BasicTypes ( failed )
import StaticFlags
import DynFlags
......@@ -626,7 +625,7 @@ doMake srcs = do
let (hs_srcs, non_hs_srcs) = partition haskellish srcs
haskellish (f,Nothing) =
looksLikeModuleName f || isHaskellSrcFilename f || '.' `notElem` f
looksLikeModuleName f || isHaskellUserSrcFilename f || '.' `notElem` f
haskellish (_,Just phase) =
phase `notElem` [As, Cc, Cobjc, Cobjcpp, CmmCpp, Cmm, StopLn]
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