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[project @ 2001-06-12 17:19:34 by rrt]

Reimplement system() properly on Windows. This avoids two problems with
Windows system(): first, the maximum command-line length, and secondly, the
fact that system() returns before the command has completed, and sleep() was
used to hack around this.

This doesn't affect the use of kludgedSystem, which needs to be removed for
GHC not to need a shell at all.
parent a0613af5
* (c) The GRASP/AQUA Project, Glasgow University, 1994-1998
* $Id: system.c,v 1.13 2001/05/30 16:39:22 sewardj Exp $
* $Id: system.c,v 1.14 2001/06/12 17:19:34 rrt Exp $
* system Runtime Support
......@@ -11,19 +11,33 @@
#include "HsStd.h"
#if defined(mingw32_TARGET_OS)
#include <windows.h>
systemCmd(HsAddr cmd)
#if defined(mingw32_TARGET_OS)
/* There's no fork() under Windows, so we fall back on using libc's
system() instead. (It in turn has problems, as it does not wait
until the sub shell has finished before returning. Using Sleep()
works around that.) */
if (system(cmd) < 0) {
return -1;
return 0;
DWORD retCode;
sInfo.cb = sizeof(STARTUPINFO);
sInfo.lpReserved = NULL;
sInfo.lpReserved2 = NULL;
sInfo.cbReserved2 = 0;
sInfo.lpDesktop = NULL;
sInfo.lpTitle = NULL;
sInfo.dwFlags = 0;
if (!CreateProcess(NULL, cmd, NULL, NULL, FALSE, 0, NULL, NULL, &sInfo, &pInfo))
return -1;
WaitForSingleObject(pInfo.hProcess, INFINITE);
if (GetExitCodeProcess(pInfo.hProcess, &retCode) == 0) return -1;
return retCode;
int pid;
int wstat;
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