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Add extra WARN test

This warning tests that the arity of a function does not decrease.
And that it's at least as great as the strictness signature.

Failing this test isn't a disater, but it's distinctly odd and 
usually indicates that not enough information is getting propagated
around, and hence you may get more simplifier iterations.
parent 8e3b9901
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ import Coercion
import FamInstEnv ( topNormaliseType )
import DataCon ( dataConRepStrictness, dataConUnivTyVars )
import CoreSyn
import NewDemand ( isStrictDmd )
import NewDemand ( isStrictDmd, splitStrictSig )
import PprCore ( pprParendExpr, pprCoreExpr )
import CoreUnfold ( mkUnfolding, callSiteInline, CallCtxt(..) )
import CoreUtils
......@@ -511,6 +511,13 @@ makeTrivial env expr
= do { var <- newId (fsLit "a") (exprType expr)
; env' <- completeNonRecX env False var var expr
; return (env', substExpr env' (Var var)) }
-- The substitution is needed becase we're constructing a new binding
-- a = rhs
-- And if rhs is of form (rhs1 |> co), then we might get
-- a1 = rhs1
-- a = a1 |> co
-- and now a's RHS is trivial and can be substituted out, and that
-- is what completeNonRecX will do
......@@ -606,13 +613,19 @@ addNonRecWithUnf :: SimplEnv
-- Add suitable IdInfo to the Id, add the binding to the floats, and extend the in-scope set
addNonRecWithUnf env new_bndr rhs unfolding wkr
= ASSERT( isId new_bndr )
WARN( new_arity < old_arity || new_arity < dmd_arity,
(ppr final_id <+> ppr old_arity <+> ppr new_arity <+> ppr dmd_arity) $$ ppr rhs )
final_id `seq` -- This seq forces the Id, and hence its IdInfo,
-- and hence any inner substitutions
addNonRec env final_id rhs
-- The addNonRec adds it to the in-scope set too
dmd_arity = length $ fst $ splitStrictSig $ idNewStrictness new_bndr
old_arity = idArity new_bndr
-- Arity info
new_bndr_info = idInfo new_bndr `setArityInfo` exprArity rhs
new_arity = exprArity rhs
new_bndr_info = idInfo new_bndr `setArityInfo` new_arity
-- Unfolding info
-- Add the unfolding *only* for non-loop-breakers
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