Commit a2f9fef1 authored by Edward Z. Yang's avatar Edward Z. Yang

Fix #10182 by disallowing/avoiding self {-# SOURCE #-} imports

hs-boot declarations were leaking into the EPS due to
self {-# SOURCE #-} imports, and interface loading induced by
orphan instances.  For the former, we simply disallow self
{-# SOURCE #-} imports; for the latter, we simply just don't
load an interface if it would be ourself.
Signed-off-by: default avatarEdward Z. Yang <>

Test Plan: validate

Reviewers: simonpj, austin

Subscribers: thomie

Differential Revision:

GHC Trac Issues: #10182
parent 1bd1ceff
......@@ -413,6 +413,7 @@ loadInterface :: SDoc -> Module -> WhereFrom
loadInterface doc_str mod from
= do { -- Read the state
(eps,hpt) <- getEpsAndHpt
; gbl_env <- getGblEnv
; traceIf (text "Considering whether to load" <+> ppr mod <+> ppr from)
......@@ -429,7 +430,15 @@ loadInterface doc_str mod from
; read_result <- case (wantHiBootFile dflags eps mod from) of
Failed err -> return (Failed err)
Succeeded hi_boot_file -> findAndReadIface doc_str mod hi_boot_file
Succeeded hi_boot_file ->
-- Stoutly warn against an EPS-updating import
-- of one's own boot file! (one-shot only)
--See Note [Do not update EPS with your own hi-boot]
-- in MkIface.
WARN( hi_boot_file &&
fmap fst (if_rec_types gbl_env) == Just mod,
ppr mod )
findAndReadIface doc_str mod hi_boot_file
; case read_result of {
Failed err -> do
{ let fake_iface = emptyModIface mod
......@@ -560,10 +560,21 @@ addFingerprints hsc_env mb_old_fingerprint iface0 new_decls
-- dependency tree. We only care about orphan modules in the current
-- package, because changes to orphans outside this package will be
-- tracked by the usage on the ABI hash of package modules that we import.
let orph_mods = filter ((== this_pkg) . modulePackageKey)
let orph_mods
= filter (/= this_mod) -- Note [Do not update EPS with your own hi-boot]
. filter ((== this_pkg) . modulePackageKey)
$ dep_orphs sorted_deps
dep_orphan_hashes <- getOrphanHashes hsc_env orph_mods
-- Note [Do not update EPS with your own hi-boot]
-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-- (See also Trac #10182). When your hs-boot file includes an orphan
-- instance declaration, you may find that the dep_orphs of a module you
-- import contains reference to yourself. DO NOT actually load this module
-- or add it to the orphan hashes: you're going to provide the orphan
-- instances yourself, no need to consult hs-boot; if you do load the
-- interface into EPS, you will see a duplicate orphan instance.
orphan_hash <- computeFingerprint (mk_put_name local_env)
(map ifDFun orph_insts, orph_rules, orph_fis)
......@@ -200,10 +200,16 @@ rnImportDecl this_mod
-- Check for self-import, which confuses the typechecker (Trac #9032)
-- ghc --make rejects self-import cycles already, but batch-mode may not
-- at least not until TcIface.tcHiBootIface, which is too late to avoid
-- typechecker crashes. ToDo: what about indirect self-import?
-- But 'import {-# SOURCE #-} M' is ok, even if a bit odd
when (not want_boot &&
imp_mod_name == moduleName this_mod &&
-- typechecker crashes. (Indirect self imports are not caught until
-- TcIface, see #10337 tracking how to make this error better.)
-- Originally, we also allowed 'import {-# SOURCE #-} M', but this
-- caused bug #10182: in one-shot mode, we should never load an hs-boot
-- file for the module we are compiling into the EPS. In principle,
-- it should be possible to support this mode of use, but we would have to
-- extend Provenance to support a local definition in a qualified location.
-- For now, we don't support it, but see #10336
when (imp_mod_name == moduleName this_mod &&
(case mb_pkg of -- If we have import "<pkg>" M, then we should
-- check that "<pkg>" is "this" (which is magic)
-- or the name of this_mod's package. Yurgh!
......@@ -438,9 +438,10 @@ tcRnImports hsc_env import_decls
-- Load any orphan-module and family instance-module
-- interfaces, so that their rules and instance decls will be
-- found.
-- found. But filter out a self hs-boot: these instances
-- will be checked when we define them locally.
; loadModuleInterfaces (ptext (sLit "Loading orphan modules"))
(imp_orphs imports)
(filter (/= this_mod) (imp_orphs imports))
-- Check type-family consistency
; traceRn (text "rn1: checking family instance consistency")
......@@ -598,3 +598,10 @@ T9938B:
$(RM) -rf T9938B.o T9938B.hi T9938B
"$(TEST_HC)" $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -O2 -c T9938B.hs
"$(TEST_HC)" $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -O2 T9938B.o -o T9938B
.PHONY: T10182
$(RM) -rf T10182.o T10182a.o T10182.o-boot T10182.hi T10182a.hi T10182.hi-boot
"$(TEST_HC)" $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -c T10182.hs-boot
"$(TEST_HC)" $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -c T10182a.hs
"$(TEST_HC)" $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -c T10182.hs
module T10182 where
import T10182a
instance Show (a -> b) where
show _ = ""
module T10182 where
instance Show (a -> b) -- ORPHAN INSTANCE
module T10182a where
import {-# SOURCE #-} T10182
......@@ -431,3 +431,8 @@ test('T10219', normal, run_command,
test('T10220', normal, run_command,
# Preprocessed T10220.hspp imports T10220B. Should work in --make mode.
['{compiler} --make T10220.hspp -fno-code -v0'])
extra_clean(['T10182.o', 'T10182a.o', 'T10182.o-boot', 'T10182.hi', 'T10182a.hi', 'T10182.hi-boot']),
['$MAKE -s --no-print-directory T10182'])
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