Commit a3306fa9 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Remove base3-compat

parent 0f590590
...@@ -165,9 +165,6 @@ NO_INCLUDE_DEPS = YES ...@@ -165,9 +165,6 @@ NO_INCLUDE_DEPS = YES
# We want for show # We want for show
endif endif
# We don't haddock base3-compat, as it has the same package name as base
libraries/base3-compat_dist-install_DO_HADDOCK = NO
# We don't haddock the bootstrapping libraries # We don't haddock the bootstrapping libraries
libraries/hpc_dist-boot_DO_HADDOCK = NO libraries/hpc_dist-boot_DO_HADDOCK = NO
libraries/Cabal_dist-boot_DO_HADDOCK = NO libraries/Cabal_dist-boot_DO_HADDOCK = NO
...@@ -322,7 +319,6 @@ $(eval $(call addPackage,hpc)) ...@@ -322,7 +319,6 @@ $(eval $(call addPackage,hpc))
$(eval $(call addPackage,pretty)) $(eval $(call addPackage,pretty))
$(eval $(call addPackage,syb)) $(eval $(call addPackage,syb))
$(eval $(call addPackage,template-haskell)) $(eval $(call addPackage,template-haskell))
$(eval $(call addPackage,base3-compat))
$(eval $(call addPackage,Cabal)) $(eval $(call addPackage,Cabal))
$(eval $(call addPackage,binary)) $(eval $(call addPackage,binary))
$(eval $(call addPackage,bin-package-db)) $(eval $(call addPackage,bin-package-db))
...@@ -593,12 +589,6 @@ $(foreach pkg,$(PACKAGES) $(PACKAGES_STAGE2),$(eval libraries/$(pkg)_dist-instal ...@@ -593,12 +589,6 @@ $(foreach pkg,$(PACKAGES) $(PACKAGES_STAGE2),$(eval libraries/$(pkg)_dist-instal
# XXX Hack; remove this # XXX Hack; remove this
$(foreach pkg,$(PACKAGES_STAGE2),$(eval libraries/$(pkg)_dist-install_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn)) $(foreach pkg,$(PACKAGES_STAGE2),$(eval libraries/$(pkg)_dist-install_HC_OPTS += -Wwarn))
# XXX we configure packages with the bootstrapping compiler (for
# dependency reasons, see the phase ordering), which doesn't
# necessarily support all the extensions we need, and Cabal filters
# out the ones it thinks aren't supported.
libraries/base3-compat_dist-install_HC_OPTS += -XPackageImports
# A useful pseudo-target # A useful pseudo-target
.PHONY: stage1_libs .PHONY: stage1_libs
stage1_libs : $(ALL_STAGE1_LIBS) stage1_libs : $(ALL_STAGE1_LIBS)
...@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@ utils/hsc2hs hsc2hs darcs ...@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@ utils/hsc2hs hsc2hs darcs
utils/haddock haddock2 darcs utils/haddock haddock2 darcs
libraries/array packages/array darcs libraries/array packages/array darcs
libraries/base packages/base darcs libraries/base packages/base darcs
libraries/base3-compat packages/base3-compat darcs
libraries/binary packages/binary darcs libraries/binary packages/binary darcs
libraries/bytestring packages/bytestring darcs libraries/bytestring packages/bytestring darcs
libraries/Cabal packages/Cabal darcs libraries/Cabal packages/Cabal darcs
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