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Note [Eta expansion in match]

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......@@ -682,6 +682,7 @@ match renv subst (Lam x1 e1) (Lam x2 e2)
-- It's important that this is *after* the let rule,
-- so that (\x.M) ~ (let y = e in \y.N)
-- does the let thing, and then gets the lam/lam rule above
-- See Note [Eta expansion in match]
match renv subst (Lam x1 e1) e2
= match renv' subst e1 (App e2 (varToCoreExpr new_x))
......@@ -998,6 +999,24 @@ at all.
That is why the 'lookupRnInScope' call in the (Var v2) case of 'match'
is so important.
Note [Eta expansion in match]
At a first glance, this (eta-expansion of the thing to match if the template
contains a lambda) might waste work. For example
{-# RULES "f/expand" forall n. f (\x -> foo n x) = \x -> foo n x #-}
(for a non-inlined "f = id") will turn
go n = app (f (foo n))
go n = app (\x -> foo n x)
and if foo had arity 1 and app calls its argument many times, are wasting work.
In practice this does not occur (or at least I could not tickle this "bug")
because CSE turns it back into
go n = let lvl = foo n in app (\x -> lvl x)
which is fine.
%* *
Rule-check the program
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