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Do not use the Static Arg Transformation by default with -O2

Max has some more heuristics to add, and is meanwhile worried
that having SAT on by default will make some highly-tuned array
programs worse.  So it's off by default.  

Use -fstatic-argument-transformation to switch it on.
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......@@ -801,7 +801,16 @@ optLevelFlags
, ([2], Opt_LiberateCase)
, ([2], Opt_SpecConstr)
, ([2], Opt_StaticArgumentTransformation)
-- , ([2], Opt_StaticArgumentTransformation)
-- Max writes: I think it's probably best not to enable SAT with -O2 for the
-- 6.10 release. The version of SAT in HEAD at the moment doesn't incorporate
-- several improvements to the heuristics, and I'm concerned that without
-- those changes SAT will interfere with some attempts to write "high
-- performance Haskell", as we saw in some posts on Haskell-Cafe earlier
-- this year. In particular, the version in HEAD lacks the tail call
-- criterion, so many things that look like reasonable loops will be
-- turned into functions with extra (unneccesary) thunk creation.
, ([0,1,2], Opt_DoLambdaEtaExpansion)
-- This one is important for a tiresome reason:
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