Commit a496c6a2 authored by's avatar

Make SpecConstr work again

In a typo I'd written env instead of env', and as a result RULES are
practically guaranteed not to work in a recursive group.  This pretty
much kills SpecConstr in its tracks!

Well done Kenny Lu for spotting this.  The fix is easy.

Merge into 6.8 please.

parent 2a4d586c
......@@ -264,7 +264,7 @@ simplRecBind env top_lvl pairs
add_rules :: SimplEnv -> (InBndr,InExpr) -> (SimplEnv, (InBndr, OutBndr, InExpr))
-- Add the (substituted) rules to the binder
add_rules env (bndr, rhs) = (env, (bndr, bndr', rhs))
add_rules env (bndr, rhs) = (env', (bndr, bndr', rhs))
(env', bndr') = addBndrRules env bndr (lookupRecBndr env bndr)
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