Commit a6132546 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Add primitive and vector packages for DPH support

DPH is now using the public vector package instead of its internal

vector and primitive are not "boot" packages; they aren't required to
build GHC, but they are required to validate (because we include DPH
when validating).

If you say './darcs-all get --no-dph' then you don't get DPH, vector,
or primitive.
parent 1c1ed869
......@@ -294,7 +294,8 @@ INTREE_ONLY_PACKAGES := haskeline mtl terminfo utf8-string xhtml
# because they use TH and/or annotations, or depend on other stage2
# packages.
STAGE2_PACKAGES := dph/dph-base dph/dph-prim-interface dph/dph-prim-seq \
dph/dph-common dph/dph-prim-par dph/dph-par dph/dph-seq
dph/dph-common dph/dph-prim-par dph/dph-par dph/dph-seq \
# Packages that are built by stage0, in addition to stage1. These
# packages are dependencies of GHC, that we do not assume the stage0
......@@ -373,9 +374,7 @@ $(eval $(call addPackage,bin-package-db))
$(eval $(call addPackage,mtl))
$(eval $(call addPackage,utf8-string))
$(eval $(call addPackage,xhtml))
$(eval $(call addPackage,terminfo,($$(Windows),NO)))
$(eval $(call addPackage,haskeline))
$(eval $(call extra-packages))
......@@ -47,7 +47,6 @@ libraries/bytestring - packages/bytestring darc
libraries/Cabal - packages/Cabal darcs
libraries/containers - packages/containers darcs -
libraries/directory - packages/directory darcs -
libraries/dph dph packages/dph darcs -
libraries/extensible-exceptions - packages/extensible-exceptions darcs -
libraries/filepath - packages/filepath darcs -
libraries/ghc-prim - packages/ghc-prim darcs -
......@@ -74,3 +73,6 @@ nofib nofib nofib darc
libraries/deepseq extra packages/deepseq darcs -
libraries/parallel extra packages/parallel darcs -
libraries/stm extra packages/stm darcs -
libraries/primitive dph packages/primitive darcs -
libraries/vector dph packages/vector darcs -
libraries/dph dph packages/dph darcs -
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