Commit a7628dcd authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Deal with join points with RULES

Trac #13900 showed that when we have a join point that
has a RULE, we must push the continuation into the RHS
of the RULE.

See Note [Rules and unfolding for join points]

It's hard to tickle this bug, so I have not added a regression test.
parent 9cc6a182
......@@ -767,7 +767,7 @@ simplifyPgmIO pass@(CoreDoSimplify max_iterations mode)
-- for imported Ids. Eg RULE map my_f = blah
-- If we have a substitution my_f :-> other_f, we'd better
-- apply it to the rule to, or it'll never match
; rules1 <- simplRules env1 Nothing rules
; rules1 <- simplRules env1 Nothing rules Nothing
; return (getTopFloatBinds floats, rules1) } ;
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