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[project @ 2002-02-27 13:59:57 by sewardj]

Add notes about OS-thread-safety in f-x-{static,dynamic}, or more
precisely, the current lack thereof.
parent c65b43c9
......@@ -211,7 +211,15 @@ HsInt Main_d1kv ( StgStablePtr the_stableptr,
In short, we can't think of a really satisfactory solution. I'd
vote for introducing some kind of OS-thread-local-state and passing
it in there, but that introduces complications of its own.
<b>OS-thread-safety</b> is of concern in the C stubs, whilst
building up the expressions to run. These need to have exclusive
access to the heap whilst allocating in it. Also, there needs to
be some guarantee that no GC will happen in between the
<code>deRefStablePtr</code> call and when <code>rts_eval[IO]</code>
starts running. At the moment there are no guarantees for
either property. This needs to be sorted out before the
implementation can be regarded as fully safe to use.
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