Commit abb3c37c authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Fix making Windows bindist and installer

parent 5e6d6f0a
......@@ -893,8 +893,8 @@ unix-binary-dist-prep:
"$(RM)" $(RM_OPTS) -r bindistprep/*
$(MAKE) prefix=$(BIN_DIST_PREP_DIR) install
cd bindistprep && "$(TAR)" cf - ../$(BIN_DIST_NAME) | bzip2 -c > ../$(BIN_DIST_PREP_TAR_BZ2)
$(MAKE) prefix=$(TOP)/$(BIN_DIST_PREP_DIR) install
cd bindistprep && "$(TAR)" cf - $(BIN_DIST_NAME) | bzip2 -c > ../$(BIN_DIST_PREP_TAR_BZ2)
"$(ISCC)" /O. /F$(WINDOWS_INSTALLER_BASE) - < distrib/ghc.iss
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