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[project @ 2005-02-07 10:26:55 by simonpj]

Documentation of flush behaviour of runIO
parent e5c232e0
......@@ -137,12 +137,22 @@ report b s = Q (qReport b s)
recover :: Q a -> Q a -> Q a
recover (Q r) (Q m) = Q (qRecover r m)
-- | 'reify' looks up information about the 'Name'
reify :: Name -> Q Info
reify v = Q (qReify v)
-- | 'currentModule' gives you the name of the module in which this
-- computation is spliced.
currentModule :: Q String
currentModule = Q qCurrentModule
-- |The 'runIO' function lest you run an I/O computation in the 'Q' monad.
-- Take care: you are guaranteed the ordering of calls to 'runIO' within
-- a single 'Q' computation, but not about the order in which splices are run.
-- Note: for various murky reasons, stdout and stderr handles are not
-- necesarily flushed when the compiler finishes running, so you should
-- flush them yourself.
runIO :: IO a -> Q a
runIO m = Q (qRunIO m)
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