Commit acb0cd94 authored by's avatar

Don't make -C imply -fvia-C

All -fvia-C does nowadays is print a warning saying that it doesn't
do anything.
parent 68833e5e
......@@ -545,7 +545,7 @@ mode_flags =
addFlag "-no-link" f))
, Flag "M" (PassFlag (setMode doMkDependHSMode))
, Flag "E" (PassFlag (setMode (stopBeforeMode anyHsc)))
, Flag "C" (PassFlag setGenerateC)
, Flag "C" (PassFlag (setMode (stopBeforeMode HCc)))
, Flag "S" (PassFlag (setMode (stopBeforeMode As)))
, Flag "-make" (PassFlag (setMode doMakeMode))
, Flag "-interactive" (PassFlag (setMode doInteractiveMode))
......@@ -553,14 +553,6 @@ mode_flags =
, Flag "e" (SepArg (\s -> setMode (doEvalMode s) "-e"))
setGenerateC :: String -> EwM ModeM ()
setGenerateC f = do -- TODO: We used to warn and ignore when
-- unregisterised, but we no longer know whether
-- we are unregisterised at this point. Should
-- we check later on?
setMode (stopBeforeMode HCc) f
addFlag "-fvia-C" f
setMode :: Mode -> String -> EwM ModeM ()
setMode newMode newFlag = liftEwM $ do
(mModeFlag, errs, flags') <- getCmdLineState
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