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isEmptyTy: Improve comment

[skip ci]
parent 8f080696
......@@ -2114,7 +2114,9 @@ rhsIsStatic platform is_dynamic_name cvt_integer rhs = is_static False rhs
-- See Note [No alternatives lint check] for one use of this function.
isEmptyTy :: Type -> Bool
isEmptyTy ty
-- Data types with no constructors are empty
-- Data types where, given the particular type parameters, no data
-- constructor matches, are empty.
-- This includes data types with no constructors, e.g. Data.Void.Void.
| Just (tc, inst_tys) <- splitTyConApp_maybe ty
, Just dcs <- tyConDataCons_maybe tc
, all (dataConCannotMatch inst_tys) dcs
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