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delete old comments

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......@@ -173,28 +173,6 @@ static void deleteThread_(Capability *cap, StgTSO *tso);
* thread ends
* stack overflow
GRAN version:
In a GranSim setup this loop iterates over the global event queue.
This revolves around the global event queue, which determines what
to do next. Therefore, it's more complicated than either the
concurrent or the parallel (GUM) setup.
This version has been entirely removed (JB 2008/08).
GUM version:
GUM iterates over incoming messages.
It starts with nothing to do (thus CurrentTSO == END_TSO_QUEUE),
and sends out a fish whenever it has nothing to do; in-between
doing the actual reductions (shared code below) it processes the
incoming messages and deals with delayed operations
(see PendingFetches).
This is not the ugliest code you could imagine, but it's bloody close.
(JB 2008/08) This version was formerly indicated by a PP-Flag PAR,
now by PP-flag PARALLEL_HASKELL. The Eden RTS (in GHC-6.x) uses it,
as well as future GUM versions. This file has been refurbished to
only contain valid code, which is however incomplete, refers to
invalid includes etc.
------------------------------------------------------------------------ */
static Capability *
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