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[Docs] Fixed several broken urls in user's guide

Summary: Some of the links in user's guide were broken, I've found the files they used to link and updated urls.

Reviewers: austin

Reviewed By: austin

Subscribers: thomie, carter, simonmar

Differential Revision:
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......@@ -3713,7 +3713,7 @@ These and many other examples are given in papers by Hongwei Xi, and
Tim Sheard. There is a longer introduction
<ulink url="">on the wiki</ulink>,
and Ralf Hinze's
<ulink url="">Fun with phantom types</ulink> also has a number of examples. Note that papers
<ulink url="">Fun with phantom types</ulink> also has a number of examples. Note that papers
may use different notation to that implemented in GHC.
......@@ -9007,7 +9007,7 @@ The basic idea is to compile the program twice:</para>
<para>Quasi-quotation allows patterns and expressions to be written using
programmer-defined concrete syntax; the motivation behind the extension and
several examples are documented in
"<ulink url="">Why It's
"<ulink url="">Why It's
Nice to be Quoted: Quasiquoting for Haskell</ulink>" (Proc Haskell Workshop
2007). The example below shows how to write a quasiquoter for a simple
expression language.</para>
......@@ -9213,7 +9213,7 @@ Palgrave, 2003.
&ldquo;<ulink url="">Programming with Arrows</ulink>&rdquo;,
&ldquo;<ulink url="">Programming with Arrows</ulink>&rdquo;,
John Hughes, in <citetitle>5th International Summer School on
Advanced Functional Programming</citetitle>,
<citetitle>Lecture Notes in Computer Science</citetitle> vol. 3622,
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
<para>Concurrent Haskell is the name given to GHC's concurrency extension.
It is enabled by default, so no special flags are required.
The <ulink
Concurrent Haskell paper</ulink> is still an excellent
resource, as is <ulink
......@@ -94,7 +94,7 @@ All these features are described in the papers mentioned earlier.
(GPH) supports running Parallel Haskell
programs on both clusters of machines, and single multiprocessors. GPH is
developed and distributed
separately from GHC (see <ulink url="">The
separately from GHC (see <ulink url="">The
GPH Page</ulink>). However, the current version of GPH is based on a much older
version of GHC (4.06).</para>
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