Commit b3ee37ce authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Improve pretty-printing of UnivCo

We really need to know the UnivCoProvenance to make sense
of UnivCos in debug output
parent 6f95e232
......@@ -227,12 +227,18 @@ ppr_co p (InstCo co arg) = maybeParen p TyConPrec $
ppr_co p (UnivCo UnsafeCoerceProv r ty1 ty2)
= pprPrefixApp p (text "UnsafeCo" <+> ppr r)
[pprParendType ty1, pprParendType ty2]
ppr_co _ (UnivCo p r t1 t2)= angleBrackets ( ppr t1 <> comma <+> ppr t2 ) <> ppr_role r <> ppr_prov
ppr_co _ (UnivCo p r t1 t2)
= char 'U'
<> parens (ppr_prov <> comma <+> ppr t1 <> comma <+> ppr t2)
<> ppr_role r
ppr_prov = case p of
HoleProv h -> ppr h
PhantomProv kind_co -> braces (ppr kind_co)
_ -> empty
HoleProv h -> text "hole:" <> ppr h
PhantomProv kind_co -> text "phant:" <> ppr kind_co
ProofIrrelProv co -> text "irrel:" <> ppr co
PluginProv s -> text "plugin:" <> text s
UnsafeCoerceProv -> text "unsafe"
ppr_co p (SymCo co) = pprPrefixApp p (text "Sym") [pprParendCo co]
ppr_co p (NthCo n co) = pprPrefixApp p (text "Nth:" <> int n) [pprParendCo co]
ppr_co p (LRCo sel co) = pprPrefixApp p (ppr sel) [pprParendCo co]
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