Commit b8da5dd3 authored by's avatar

Remove the kludgy TH dependencies

There are better dependencies for this in the DPH package, where all
the TH is.
parent 935bf7c0
......@@ -37,15 +37,6 @@ ifneq "$$($1_$2_HS_SRCS)" ""
"$$($1_$2_HC_MK_DEPEND)" -M $$($1_$2_MKDEPENDHS_FLAGS) \
$$(filter-out -split-objs, $$($1_$2_$$(firstword $$($1_$2_WAYS))_ALL_HC_OPTS)) \
# We use the GHCI_WAY object files when doing TH for all ways. We
# therefore need the GHCI_WAY object files available when compiling
# the other ways, in case we're compiling something that uses TH.
ifneq "$$(filter $$(GHCI_WAY),$$($1_$2_WAYS))" ""
$$(foreach w,$$(filter-out $$(GHCI_WAY),$$($1_$2_WAYS)),\
$$(foreach o,$$($1_$2_$$w_HS_OBJS),\
$$(call make-command,\
echo "$$o: $$(basename $$o).$$($$(GHCI_WAY)_osuf)" >> $$@.tmp)))
echo "$1_$2_depfile_haskell_EXISTS = YES" >> $$@.tmp
ifneq "$$($1_$2_SLASH_MODS)" ""
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