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Fix worker/wrapper for CPR functions

A long-standing and egregious bug in the worker/wrapper code meant
that some functions with the CPR property weren't getting a CPR
w/w. And that had the effect of making a tail-recursive function not
tail recursive.  As well as increasing allocation.

Fixes Trac #5920, and #5997.

Nofib results (highlights):

        Program           Size    Allocs   Runtime   Elapsed  TotalMem
         boyer2          -0.1%    -15.3%      0.01      0.01     +0.0%
        mandel2          -0.0%     -8.1%      0.01      0.01     +0.0%
           para          -0.1%    -11.8%     -7.9%     -7.8%     +0.0%
            Min          -0.1%    -15.3%     -7.9%     -7.8%    -33.3%
            Max          +0.0%     +0.2%     +6.3%     +6.3%     +3.7%
 Geometric Mean          -0.0%     -0.4%     +0.1%     +0.1%     -0.5%

Looks like a clear win.  And I have not even recompiled the libraries, so
it'll probably be a bit better in the ed.
parent 5eabdc16
......@@ -592,7 +592,7 @@ mkSigTy top_lvl rec_flag id rhs dmd_ty
maybe_id_dmd = idDemandInfo_maybe id
-- Is Nothing the first time round
thunk_cpr_ok -- See Note [CPR for thunks]
| isTopLevel top_lvl = False -- Top level things don't get
-- their demandInfo set at all
| isRec rec_flag = False -- Ditto recursive things
......@@ -601,8 +601,8 @@ mkSigTy top_lvl rec_flag id rhs dmd_ty
-- See notes below
The thunk_cpr_ok stuff [CPR-AND-STRICTNESS]
Note [CPR for thunks]
If the rhs is a thunk, we usually forget the CPR info, because
it is presumably shared (else it would have been inlined, and
so we'd lose sharing if w/w'd it into a function). E.g.
......@@ -662,8 +662,8 @@ have a CPR in it or not. Simple solution:
NB: strictly_demanded is never true of a top-level Id, or of a recursive Id.
The Nothing case in thunk_cpr_ok [CPR-AND-STRICTNESS]
Note [Optimistic in the Nothing case]
Demand info now has a 'Nothing' state, just like strictness info.
The analysis works from 'dangerous' towards a 'safe' state; so we
start with botSig for 'Nothing' strictness infos, and we start with
......@@ -1010,8 +1010,7 @@ extendSigsWithLam :: AnalEnv -> Id -> AnalEnv
extendSigsWithLam env id
= case idDemandInfo_maybe id of
Nothing -> extendAnalEnv NotTopLevel env id cprSig
-- Optimistic in the Nothing case;
-- See Note [Optimistic in the Nothing case]
Just (Eval (Prod _)) -> extendAnalEnv NotTopLevel env id cprSig
_ -> env
......@@ -133,15 +133,10 @@ mkWwBodies fun_ty demands res_info one_shots
; (wrap_args, wrap_fn_args, work_fn_args, res_ty) <- mkWWargs emptyTvSubst fun_ty arg_info
; (work_args, wrap_fn_str, work_fn_str) <- mkWWstr wrap_args
-- Don't do CPR if the worker doesn't have any value arguments
-- Then the worker is just a constant, so we don't want to unbox it.
; (wrap_fn_cpr, work_fn_cpr, _cpr_res_ty)
<- if any isId work_args then
mkWWcpr res_ty res_info
return (id, id, res_ty)
; let (work_lam_args, work_call_args) = mkWorkerArgs work_args res_ty
-- Do CPR w/w. See Note [Always do CPR w/w]
; (wrap_fn_cpr, work_fn_cpr, cpr_res_ty) <- mkWWcpr res_ty res_info
; let (work_lam_args, work_call_args) = mkWorkerArgs work_args cpr_res_ty
; return ([idDemandInfo v | v <- work_call_args, isId v],
wrap_fn_args . wrap_fn_cpr . wrap_fn_str . applyToVars work_call_args . Var,
mkLams work_lam_args. work_fn_str . work_fn_cpr . work_fn_args) }
......@@ -154,6 +149,18 @@ mkWwBodies fun_ty demands res_info one_shots
-- fw from being inlined into f's RHS
Note [Always do CPR w/w]
At one time we refrained from doing CPR w/w for thunks, on the grounds that
we might duplicate work. But that is already handled by the demand analyser,
which doesn't give the CPR proprety if w/w might waste work: see
Note [CPR for thunks] in DmdAnal.
And if something *has* been given the CPR property and we don't w/w, it's
a disaster, because then the enclosing function might say it has the CPR
property, but now doesn't and there a cascade of disaster. A good example
is Trac #5920.
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