Commit b9d46a06 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2003-07-23 14:05:51 by simonmar]

Always create directories for the .o file, not just when using the
compilation manager.
parent 7d71bf0b
......@@ -191,10 +191,6 @@ compile ghci_mode this_mod location
-- we're in batch mode: finish the compilation pipeline.
_other -> do
let object_filename = ml_obj_file location
object_dir = directoryOf object_filename
-- create the object dir if it doesn't exist
createDirectoryHierarchy object_dir
runPipeline (StopBefore Ln) ""
True Nothing output_fn (Just location)
......@@ -794,6 +790,10 @@ runPhase As _basename _suff input_fn get_output_fn maybe_loc
output_fn <- get_output_fn Ln maybe_loc
-- we create directories for the object file, because it
-- might be a hierarchical module.
createDirectoryHierarchy (directoryOf output_fn)
SysTools.runAs (map SysTools.Option as_opts
++ [ SysTools.Option ("-I" ++ p) | p <- cmdline_include_paths ]
++ [ SysTools.Option "-c"
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