Commit bbc0c355 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Fix invoking windres in a directory containing spaces

parent 6e998535
......@@ -396,10 +396,24 @@ runMkDLL dflags args = do
runWindres :: DynFlags -> [Option] -> IO ()
runWindres dflags args = do
let (_gcc,gcc_args) = pgm_c dflags
windres = pgm_windres dflags
let (gcc, gcc_args) = pgm_c dflags
windres = pgm_windres dflags
quote x = "\"" ++ x ++ "\""
args' = -- If windres.exe and gcc.exe are in a directory containing
-- spaces then windres fails to run gcc. We therefore need
-- to tell it what command to use...
Option ("--preprocessor=" ++
unwords (map quote (gcc :
map showOpt gcc_args ++
["-E", "-xc", "-DRC_INVOKED"])))
-- ...but if we do that then if windres calls popen then
-- it can't understand the quoting, so we have to use
-- --use-temp-file so that it interprets it correctly.
-- See #1828.
: Option "--use-temp-file"
: args
mb_env <- getGccEnv gcc_args
runSomethingFiltered dflags id "Windres" windres args mb_env
runSomethingFiltered dflags id "Windres" windres args' mb_env
touch :: DynFlags -> String -> String -> IO ()
touch dflags purpose arg =
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