Commit bdfa9495 authored by Michael D. Adams's avatar Michael D. Adams
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Minor code cleanup

parent 7b1eed64
......@@ -10,10 +10,11 @@ import Cmm
import CmmLint
import PprCmm
import Dataflow (fixedpoint)
import Dataflow
import CmmLive
import CmmBrokenBlock
import CmmProcPoint
import CmmCallConv
import MachOp
import ForeignCall
......@@ -217,8 +218,6 @@ selectStackFormat live continuations =
map (\c -> (continuationLabel c, selectStackFormat' c)) continuations
selectStackFormat' (Continuation True info_table label formals blocks) =
--let ident = brokenBlockId $ head blocks -- TODO: CLabel isn't a uniquable, but we need a better way than this
StackFormat (Just label) 0 []
selectStackFormat' (Continuation False info_table label formals blocks) =
-- TODO: assumes the first block is the entry block
......@@ -297,7 +296,7 @@ enter_function max_frame_size
(CmmMachOp (MO_U_Lt $ cmmRegRep spReg)
[CmmRegOff spReg max_frame_size, CmmReg spLimReg])
gc_block = undefined -- TODO: get stack and heap checks to go to same
gc_block = panic "gc_check not implemented" -- TODO: get stack and heap checks to go to same
-- TODO: fix branches to proc point (we have to insert a new block to marshel the continuation)
pack_continuation :: StackFormat -> StackFormat -> [CmmStmt]
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