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Look through Notes when generating and matching RULES

parent dd06e44c
......@@ -423,6 +423,16 @@ match menv subst (Var v1) e2
| Just subst <- match_var menv subst v1 e2
= Just subst
match menv subst e1 (Note n e2)
= match menv subst e1 e2
-- Note [Notes in RULE matching]
-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-- Look through Notes. In particular, we don't want to
-- be confused by InlineMe notes. Maybe we should be more
-- careful about profiling notes, but for now I'm just
-- riding roughshod over them.
--- See Note [Notes in call patterns] in SpecConstr
-- Here is another important rule: if the term being matched is a
-- variable, we expand it so long as its unfolding is a WHNF
-- (Its occurrence information is not necessarily up to date,
......@@ -925,6 +925,15 @@ argToPat :: InScopeEnv -- What's in scope at the fn defn site
argToPat in_scope con_env arg@(Type ty) arg_occ
= return (False, arg)
argToPat in_scope con_env (Note n arg) arg_occ
= argToPat in_scope con_env arg arg_occ
-- Note [Notes in call patterns]
-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
-- Ignore Notes. In particular, we want to ignore any InlineMe notes
-- Perhaps we should not ignore profiling notes, but I'm going to
-- ride roughshod over them all for now.
--- See Note [Notes in RULE matching] in Rules
argToPat in_scope con_env (Let _ arg) arg_occ
= argToPat in_scope con_env arg arg_occ
-- Look through let expressions
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