Commit c0b5adbd authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Do not decompose => (Trac #9858)

We really don't want to unify (a b) with (Eq a => ty).
The ever-ingenious Oerjan discovered this problem;
see comment:101 in Trac #9858.

See Note [Decomposing fat arrow c=>t] in Type.hs
parent 9b9fc4c7
......@@ -333,6 +333,26 @@ allDistinctTyVars tkvs = go emptyVarSet tkvs
We need to be pretty careful with AppTy to make sure we obey the
invariant that a TyConApp is always visibly so. mkAppTy maintains the
invariant: use it.
Note [Decomposing fat arrow c=>t]
Can we unify (a b) with (Eq a => ty)? If we do so, we end up with
a partial application like ((=>) Eq a) which doesn't make sense in
source Haskell. In constrast, we *can* unify (a b) with (t1 -> t2).
Here's an example (Trac #9858) of how you might do it:
i :: (Typeable a, Typeable b) => Proxy (a b) -> TypeRep
i p = typeRep p
j = i (Proxy :: Proxy (Eq Int => Int))
The type (Proxy (Eq Int => Int)) is only accepted with -XImpredicativeTypes,
but suppose we want that. But then in the call to 'i', we end
up decomposing (Eq Int => Int), and we definitely don't want that.
This really only applies to the type checker; in Core, '=>' and '->'
are the same, as are 'Constraint' and '*'. But for now I've put
the test in repSplitAppTy_maybe, which applies throughout, because
the other calls to splitAppTy are in Unify, which is also used by
the type checker (e.g. when matching type-function equations).
-- | Applies a type to another, as in e.g. @k a@
......@@ -366,7 +386,9 @@ splitAppTy_maybe ty = repSplitAppTy_maybe ty
repSplitAppTy_maybe :: Type -> Maybe (Type,Type)
-- ^ Does the AppTy split as in 'splitAppTy_maybe', but assumes that
-- any Core view stuff is already done
repSplitAppTy_maybe (FunTy ty1 ty2) = Just (TyConApp funTyCon [ty1], ty2)
repSplitAppTy_maybe (FunTy ty1 ty2)
| isConstraintKind (typeKind ty1) = Nothing -- See Note [Decomposing fat arrow c=>t]
| otherwise = Just (TyConApp funTyCon [ty1], ty2)
repSplitAppTy_maybe (AppTy ty1 ty2) = Just (ty1, ty2)
repSplitAppTy_maybe (TyConApp tc tys)
| isDecomposableTyCon tc || tys `lengthExceeds` tyConArity tc
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