Commit c0f89a1b authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Add back a comment that got lost

parent 2798a174
......@@ -1123,6 +1123,13 @@ wayGeneralFlags _ (WayCustom {}) = []
wayGeneralFlags _ WayThreaded = []
wayGeneralFlags _ WayDebug = []
wayGeneralFlags _ WayDyn = [Opt_PIC]
-- We could get away without adding -fPIC when compiling the
-- modules of a program that is to be linked with -dynamic; the
-- program itself does not need to be position-independet, only
-- the libraries need to be. HOWEVER, GHCi links objects into a
-- .so before loading the .so using the system linker. Since only
-- PIC objects can be linked into a .so, we have to compile even
-- modules of the main program with -fPIC when using -dynamic.
wayGeneralFlags _ WayProf = [Opt_SccProfilingOn]
wayGeneralFlags _ WayEventLog = []
wayGeneralFlags _ WayPar = [Opt_Parallel]
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