Commit c1a06d49 authored by Dale Wijnand's avatar Dale Wijnand Committed by Marge Bot

hadrian: relink to the flavours doc in the ghc repo

parent cd11f81f
......@@ -93,7 +93,7 @@ currently supported: `default`, `quick`, `quickest`, `perf`, `prof`, `devel1`
and `devel2`. As an example, the `quickest` flavour adds `-O0` flag to all GHC
invocations and builds libraries only in the `vanilla` way, which speeds up
builds by 3-4x. Build flavours are documented
* `--freeze1`: freeze Stage1 GHC, i.e. do not rebuild it even if some of its
source files are out-of-date. This allows to significantly reduce the rebuild
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