Commit c618732e authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow

isDllName: use Opt_ExternalDynamicRefs, not WayDyn

This should have been part of D4477, but got missed.
parent 5b6ef59f
......@@ -2007,7 +2007,7 @@ isDllName :: DynFlags -> Module -> Name -> Bool
-- the symbol comes from another dynamically-linked package,
-- and applies on all platforms, not just Windows
isDllName dflags this_mod name
| WayDyn `notElem` ways dflags = False
| not (gopt Opt_ExternalDynamicRefs dflags) = False
| Just mod <- nameModule_maybe name
-- Issue #8696 - when GHC is dynamically linked, it will attempt
-- to load the dynamic dependencies of object files at compile
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