Commit c83e39bf authored by Matthew Pickering's avatar Matthew Pickering Committed by Marge Bot

Remove old/broken(?) .ghci script

I was attempting to load hadrian into ghci by using
`cabal new-repl exe:hadrian` but it failed because it tried
to use this `.ghci` configuration.

I'm not sure who used this script but you should really use the new-repl
parent 0c1ccf3c
:set -Wall -fno-warn-name-shadowing -isrc -i../libraries/Cabal/Cabal
:set -XDeriveFunctor
:set -XDeriveGeneric
:set -XFlexibleInstances
:set -XGeneralizedNewtypeDeriving
:set -XLambdaCase
:set -XRecordWildCards
:set -XScopedTypeVariables
:set -XTupleSections
:load Main
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