Commit c902f56b authored by Krzysztof Gogolewski's avatar Krzysztof Gogolewski Committed by Marge Bot


This file refers to shell.nix, which was removed in
430e6fed and c00d2f59.
parent 93bed40a
#!/usr/bin/env nix-shell
#! nix-shell -i bash shell.nix
# This script sets up the build environment by invoking nix-shell shell.nix
# and then runs the hadrian executable.
function rl {
cd "$(dirname "$TARGET_FILE")"
TARGET_FILE="$(basename "$TARGET_FILE")"
# Iterate down a (possible) chain of symlinks
while [ -L "$TARGET_FILE" ]
TARGET_FILE="$(readlink "$TARGET_FILE")"
cd "$(dirname "$TARGET_FILE")"
TARGET_FILE="$(basename "$TARGET_FILE")"
# Compute the canonicalized name by finding the physical path
# for the directory we're in and appending the target file.
PHYS_DIR="$(pwd -P)"
echo "$RESULT"
absoluteRoot="$(dirname "$(rl "$0")")"
echo $absoluteRoot
cd "$absoluteRoot"
hadrian \
--directory="$absoluteRoot/.." \
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