Commit cb269f58 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Fix doc uploading in the nightly builds

The bindist install directory was wrong.
parent 5f7c1a7d
...@@ -1029,9 +1029,9 @@ ifeq "$(mingw32_TARGET_OS)" "1" ...@@ -1029,9 +1029,9 @@ ifeq "$(mingw32_TARGET_OS)" "1"
endif endif
ifeq "$(mingw32_TARGET_OS)" "1" ifeq "$(mingw32_TARGET_OS)" "1"
DOCDIR_TO_PUBLISH = bindisttest/"install dir"/doc DOCDIR_TO_PUBLISH = $(BIN_DIST_INST_DIR)/doc
else else
DOCDIR_TO_PUBLISH = bindisttest/"install dir"/share/doc/ghc DOCDIR_TO_PUBLISH = $(BIN_DIST_INST_DIR)/share/doc/ghc
endif endif
.PHONY: publish-docs .PHONY: publish-docs
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