Commit cba61de4 authored by simonmar's avatar simonmar
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[project @ 2002-09-02 13:06:30 by simonmar]

revert part of previous commit; looks like it was accidental
parent 82bd78c3
......@@ -259,13 +259,10 @@ SRC_DIST_FILES += \
mk/ mk/ mk/ mk/ \
mk/ mk/ mk/ mk/
# Just provide a subset.
GHC_SRC_DIST_DIRS= glafp-utils ghc libraries hslibs
dist dist-manifest dist-package :: project-check
# clean the tree first, leaving certain extra files in place (eg. configure)
#dist :: distclean
dist :: distclean
dist ::
-rm -rf $(SRC_DIST_DIR)
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