Commit cbe59d89 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones

Improve tracing slightly

parent b30771d8
......@@ -733,10 +733,11 @@ tcDataConPat penv (L con_span con_name) data_con pat_ty arg_pats thing_inside
; let pat_ty' = mkTyConApp tycon ctxt_res_tys
-- pat_ty' is type of the actual constructor application
-- pat_ty' /= pat_ty iff coi /= IdCo
arg_tys' = substTys tenv arg_tys
; traceTc "tcConPat" (ppr con_name $$ ppr ex_tvs' $$ ppr pat_ty' $$ ppr arg_tys')
; traceTc "tcConPat" (vcat [ ppr con_name, ppr univ_tvs, ppr ex_tvs, ppr eq_spec
, ppr ex_tvs', ppr pat_ty', ppr arg_tys' ])
; if null ex_tvs && null eq_spec && null theta
then do { -- The common case; no class bindings etc
-- (see Note [Arrows and patterns])
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