Commit cd134d6e authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Fix making bindists

We were looking for executable things, but not requiring that they were
files. So we were adding lots of directories (and thus their contents)
to the bindists, massively inflating their size.
parent e2d0e6bd
......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ binary-dist:
# Executables
-find . -name "*.wrapper" -exec echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/{} \; >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST) 2> /dev/null
-find $(EXE_DIST_DIR)/setup-config -exec echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/{} \; >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST) 2> /dev/null
-find $(EXE_DIST_DIR) -perm /a+x -exec echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/{} \; >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST) 2> /dev/null
-find $(EXE_DIST_DIR) -type f -perm /a+x -exec echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/{} \; >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST) 2> /dev/null
# And anything else
ifneq "$(BINDIST_EXTRAS)" ""
for FILE in $(BINDIST_EXTRAS); do if [ -e $$FILE ]; then echo $(WHERE_AM_I)/$$FILE >> $(BIN_DIST_LIST); fi; done
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