Commit cf81f273 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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Be lazier in user config creation, and don't fail on missing configs.

parent 202712d3
......@@ -352,19 +352,12 @@ getPkgDatabases modify flags = do
go flags
-- we create the user database iff (a) we're modifying, and (b) the
-- user asked to use it by giving the --user flag.
when (not user_exists && user_conf `elem` final_stack) $ do
putStrLn ("Creating user package database in " ++ user_conf)
createDirectoryIfMissing True archdir
writeFile user_conf emptyPackageConfig
db_stack <- mapM readParseDatabase final_stack
return db_stack
readParseDatabase :: PackageDBName -> IO (PackageDBName,PackageDB)
readParseDatabase filename = do
str <- readFile filename
str <- readFile filename `Exception.catch` \_ -> return emptyPackageConfig
let packages = read str
Exception.evaluate packages
`Exception.catch` \_ ->
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