Commit d108044b authored by's avatar

Allow "INLINEABLE" as a synonym

parent 42b8aa9e
......@@ -2218,6 +2218,8 @@ ignoredPrags = Map.fromList (map ignored pragmas)
oneWordPrags = Map.fromList([("rules", rulePrag),
("inline", token (ITinline_prag Inline FunLike)),
("inlinable", token (ITinline_prag Inlinable FunLike)),
("inlineable", token (ITinline_prag Inlinable FunLike)),
-- Spelling variant
("notinline", token (ITinline_prag NoInline FunLike)),
("specialize", token ITspec_prag),
("source", token ITsource_prag),
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