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Mention coerce in the release notes

It is not added to the section on Special built-in functions because
the (from a user POV related) unsafeCoerce has been removed there
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......@@ -272,6 +272,27 @@
A new built-in function <literal>coerce</literal> is
provided that allows to safely coerce values between types
that have the same run-time-presentation, such as
newtypes, but also newtypes inside containers. See the
haddock documentation of
<ulink url="&libraryBaseLocation;/GHC-Exts.html#v%3Acoerce">coerce</ulink>
and of the class
<ulink url="&libraryBaseLocation;/GHC-Exts.html#t%3ACoercible">Coercible</ulink>
for more details.
This feature is included in this release as a technology
preview, and may change its syntax and/or semantics in the
next release.
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